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Veterans Fund of the United States is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation and all donated materials and moneys are tax deductible.

VFUS - Invest In Veterans

Why do we need Investments?

We have two other United Veterans Beacon Houses under construction with funds over a million dollars expended. We have to do more as well as take advantage when exceptional facilities become available.

Investment Opportunity - Pittston, PA

Possible - United Veterans Beacon House

Our motto has always been to Veterans "Give a Hand Up - not a hand out". Now the Veterans Fund of the United States needs the Hand Up to ensure we can provide greater support to greater numbers of Veterans in Need.--[ View PDF File ]--

Help support a United Veterans Beacon House

Coffee Mug Set

Required Donation:  $10

Set of Coffee Mugs and Rack

Dinnerware Set

Required Donation:  $45

Set of plates and dishes

Cooking Utensils

Required Donation:  $45

Set of cokking Utensils

End Table

Required Donation:  $100

Standard End Table

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